First blog post

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The points

I’ve got the point now. People are dynamic. They change, even they say they are gonna stay. You cant guarantee. People are moving forward. Dont wish them to stay. You can easily be replaced. I’ve got the point now. Communication is the key of everything. A silence turns into fade. I’ve got the point now. […]

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She misses him, but she knows the limit. She misses him, but she knows where she stands. She misses him, but she means nothing. She misses him, but she wants to let go. She misses him, but she knows keeping the distance is the right thing to do. She misses him, a lot. She misses […]

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The sixth day

I still think of you Even though it has been so long That it’s hard to envision your face I can still feel Even though i cant see you As clearly as i wish i could -by conyngham, dear francis **Manchester, 14th January 2018**

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Life is when you are getting closer with people and suddenly will be apart Life is when your world is dynamic and you are the only one who stays Life is when everyone has a new chapter of his/her life, but I still do my routine Life is when everyone comes home, but I still […]

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True Story (1)

Dua tahun delapan bulan dua puluh hari…. ** I am in my hometown since a couple of week ago. I am happy that I can meet my family. Mom and Dad. Big sisssy, niece and nephews. The place that I am beloved unconditionally. Having no much activities made me a bit random. Flashback to my […]

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Moving forward

Sebuah permasalahan ketika beranjak dewasa tentang bagaimana menyikapi sebuah perubahan. Ketika kamu merasa bahwa teman- temanmu tak lagi ada untukmu. Bahkan teman dekatmu. Mereka telah mengikuti takdir mereka, hidup dengan dunia mereka yang baru. Saat dimana duniamu sudah berubah, tapi kami terlalu naif untuk mengakui. Atau hanya karena tak peduli? Dan merasa duniamu tetap sama? […]

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When He said ‘Yes’

“ok, see you later.” He said. Was it success? I passed? I wondered. “Umm, am i passed?” I asked. My face was fulled with anxiety. “Hmm….” He chuckled. His teasing face was too obvious. Yet, I could not think clearly. “Yes, you are. Don’t worry.” Another guy answered me. He knew that I was in […]

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The Power of Motivation

This evening I just realise how important the motivation is. Hari ini, seperti biasa saya melakukan kegiatan rutin, yaitu wall climbing. Iseng-iseng saya mencoba level 6a. Dan…yeay well done! I did it!!!! This was beyond my limit. Well, semenjak di UK, I forced myself to go beyond my limit, to try new things and to […]

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