First blog post

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I never know how strong I am until today. Twenty-two days working in April, no rest, not even a day. Do you think I’m hard working? Nope!! Selalu akan ada orang di atas kita dan akan selalu ada orang di bawah kita I have two Chinese friends who are super duper hard worker. They are […]

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Selamat hari lahir

I am amazed with how brain works; how memories linger for years or even a whole life. Today is his birthday. Well, it should be tomorrow, but, you know, time zone. I used to say greeting the past two of his birthday when we were together (wait, or whatever it’s called). I can do nothing […]

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Slow motion

I feel like I’m moving in slow motion. Like I’m moving in slow motion and everything around me is moving so fast and I just wanna go back to when things were normal. That is a quote from drama series that I see recently. I do feel the same since a couple month ago and […]

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The points

I’ve got the point now. People are dynamic. They change, even they say they are gonna stay. You cant guarantee. People are moving forward. Dont wish them to stay. You can easily be replaced. I’ve got the point now. Communication is the key of everything. A silence turns into fade. I’ve got the point now. […]

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She misses him, but she knows the limit. She misses him, but she knows where she stands. She misses him, but she means nothing. She misses him, but she wants to let go. She misses him, but she knows keeping the distance is the right thing to do. She misses him, a lot. She misses […]

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The sixth day

I still think of you Even though it has been so long That it’s hard to envision your face I can still feel Even though i cant see you As clearly as i wish i could -by conyngham, dear francis **Manchester, 14th January 2018**

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Life is when you are getting closer with people and suddenly will be apart Life is when your world is dynamic and you are the only one who stays Life is when everyone has a new chapter of his/her life, but I still do my routine Life is when everyone comes home, but I still […]

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